Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some things never change

Like my love for Legion Lacquer. Yeah that'll never change. 
Today I have some polishes from their Paint The Rainbow collection, and one from their Spring Collection, both collections will be released on April 1st. 

Silver Linings (Spring)
This one is so pretty! In the bottle I wasn't to sure if I would love it or not but I really do love this! Swatch shows 2 coats with topcoat.
Most of these glitters are holo so that with the shimmery base makes for a really sparkly polish!

Cherry Tropicolada (Paint The Rainbow)
This an amazing shade of red. It's almost like a jelly, it looks so squishy. There's also tons of shimmer in this one that add dimension to. 
You can kind of see it here, it was camera shy! But it was extremely visible in person. 

Kiwi Lime Pie (Paint The Rainbow)
This is such a pretty lime green! It's got golden flakies and what looks to me like green flakies also. Swatch shows 2 coats with topcoat. 
See? I'm not crazy! Definitely green flakies in there. 
And the gold flakies!

Electric Lemons (Paint The Rainbow)
This color makes me look so tan! I'm not complaining! This yellow had some pretty awesome shimmer to it that again, was camera shy. Swatch shows 4 thin coats with topcoat. 
Mm this color is just perfect!
You can see the shimmer here a little but better! 

The Quick and Dirty: All 4 of these polishes had an excellent formula, not too thick or too thin. Applying them was a breeze. My sneaky favorite would have to be Cherry Tropicolada which is weird because I don't normally like reds!

Which is your favorite? Please tell me you're as obsessed with everything Angela and Shay create as I am. 

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