Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cake Nail Lacquer

Apparently yesterday was the first day of fall but someone should really tell the California weather that. It's definitely still summer here lol. Anyways, today I have some pretty awesome cremes to show you all from a new to me indie called Cake Nail Lacquer. To avoid repeating myself I'll just say it here: all polishes took two coats with topcoat for perfect opacity, some could even be 1 coaters if you do thicker coats than me.

Persian Tea Party
This polish isn't as red as my pictures are making it seem, it's a neon so it freaked my camera out a bit but it leans slightly more orange. Perfect formula.

Happy Birthday Venus
I enjoy this shade of brown on my tremendously, I think it looks awesome! It's got a teeny tiny bit of frost going on but it's literally barely noticeable. Again, the same perfect formula as the previous color. 

Digital Garden
Hello, this shade is perfect for fall if it ever gets here! It's a gorgeous dusty purple. I can't rave enough about this formula, it was glorious. 

Over The Rhone
Okay. This blue is everything right here. It was amazing. It dried down matte so I added topcoat to make it shine. Also I didn't use basecoat and it did stain my nails so use a coat or two of basecoat and you'll be fine. Honestly I think this color is worth it, it's so rich and beautiful. Plus it didn't stain my cuticles and that bugs me a million times more than a polish staining my nails haha. 
I hope you like these polishes, I loved them all! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dashing Housewife Polish

Hi guys! Today I have a cute little trio called Turks & Caicos from DreAnn at Dashing Housewife Polish
First up is Sea's So Beautiful
This blue is everything! So amazing. Formula was perfect, swatch shows 2 thin coats plus topcoat.
There's even some shimmer that is way more apparent on the nail. I love this polish! 

Can't BeREEF My Eyes
Coral colored polish is my weakness. Oh goodness. I love this one also. Formula was amazing on this one as well, 2 coats plus topcoat. 
Again there's some pretty awesome shimmer going on in there, I love it!

Last up is The Sands
I feel like a broken record but oh my god this color! The base is slightly pinker than this picture is showing up but ugh it's perfect. Swatch shows 3 coats plus topcoat. 
Check out this combo of glitters, could it be any more amazing?! 

Seriously. This collection makes me want to run to the beach and live there forever. Formula was perfect on all of them. I love them all. So head over to to order your set today. For real. You need them. 
Here's some bonus nail art I did using all three polishes. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's time for Halloween!

Halloween is among us and I can't wait! Grayson is going to be a teeny tiny eleventh doctor and it will be adorable. Anyways, today I have Kawaii Lacquer's Halloween collection to show of and it's totally full of Halloween spirit! 

Pumpkin Brew
You all know my weakness for white crellies. And this one is amazing! 3 coats plus topcoat for this swatch.
There's also teeny tiny iridescent glitters in there! 

In The Graveyard
Holy glitter batman! This one is packed with all kinds of glitter! I normally don't like bar glitter but I don't mind micro bar glitter, it's so cute! Swatch shows 3 coats plus topcoat. 
Oooh and sneaky stars and flakies!

This glitter topper is everything! I love it haha! It's perfect for Halloween. Swatch shows 1 coat plus a little placement over Color Club Beyond. 
This looks so good over a holo, I love it.

Sticks And Bones
Another seriously awesome glitter topper, 
It's got literally everything in it. Black shards, gray hex in every size, white skulls. Ugh perfection. 1 coat over OPI Over & Over A-Gwen. 
Plus those teeny tiny iridescent glitters again. 

Autumn Evenings
Well hello fall in a bottle! Red and gold and sparkly all over. Swatch shows 1 coat over OPI 

Too Many Angles
First off that name is perfect haha! This polish has every colored triangle imaginable plus black shards and hex. Swatch shows 1 coat over OPI Vant To Bite My Neck?

All in all formula was awesome on all of these, not thick and not too thin, minimal fishing and excellent glitter payoff. Love them all! These are all available now in Jamie's Etsy shop ( 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Duh Nail Polish Stripped

Today I have a super sexy collection to show you! It's Duh Nail Polish's Stripped collection which is a collection of basic colors with a twist. 
First up is Not Your Mother's Pearls
This is a subtley sexy white polish! It's got all kinds of multicolored flakies! Swatch shows 3 thin coats plus topcoat.
You can kind of see the flakies here but just wait! 
Boom, multicolored amazing flakie goodness. 

Leather And Lace
This polish is amazing. Hands down probably one of my favorite polishes ever. 
I mean just look at it! Swatch shows 2 coats plus topcoat. 
Oh goodness, look at dem flakies! 

I love a good nude polish and this one definitely fits the bill! It's the perfect mannequin hand color for me haha. Swatch shows 2 coats plus topcoat. 
Besides the amazing shade check out those amazing brown flecks plus an awesome green shimmer. So much depth.

Last up is Make Him Blush
I didn't really think I would enjoy this shade on me but oh was I wrong. I love it! It's work appropriate but with an amazing shimmery twist. Swatch shows 2 coats plus topcoat. 
There's an amazing gold shimmer and flakies that I wasn't able to capture accurately and it hurts my heart because it looks so awesome. 
I promise that shimmer is there and it. is. awesome! 

Final Verdict: I love this whole collection! It's so awesome to have a whole set of basics without them being plain cremes. These are available right now so go and get them!