Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Just imagine how much cooler I'll be in summer!

Yes. You read that right. That was a Frozen reference. I love that movie so much, it was adorable. Speaking of adorable movies if you haven't seen The Lego Movie go see it now. I'll wait. It's so worth it. Anyways, on to the polish!

Today I have the first collection from a new indie brand called Heather's Hues. 

Very pretty shimmery pink with so much glitter! Seriously so much glitter! Swatch shows 3 coats with topcoat. 
I love the glitter in this, it's perfect for spring. 
Because of the shimmer this polish looks different in different lighting, which is awesome if you ask me. 

Aurora's Awakening
Another very pretty shimmer with loads of glitter. Swatch shows 3 coats with topcoat. 
I really enjoy this golden color! It reminds me of the sun rising in the morning. 
That macro! Dead!

Springtime Muse
This blue is such a beautiful color also! All I can think of is the lake during the summer. Gorgeous! Swatch shows 3 coats with topcoat but it was good at 2! 
If I remember correctly there was some iridescent glitter in there too!

Lastly, Luna's Lullaby 
Holy. Moly. So about this polish. You need it, now. Swatch shows 3 coats with topcoat.
And matte because it's a jelly and that's what you do with jellies. 
I can't stare at this for too long. It hurts my heart it's so pretty. 
Wow that is an awesome picture to end on. 

The quick and dirty: I love this collection. I love all of these polishes and normally I don't like shimmer polishes with glitter so that surprised me! Formula was a touch thick for my preference but it was definitely manageable as I didn't have to thin any out. 

Make sure you follow Heather (@heathers_hues) on Instagram as she has a giveaway going on! 

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