Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween skittles

Do they make Halloween skittles? I know they make candy corn M&Ms (ew. Side note: I almost bought some the other day on accident while I was trying to buy peanut butter M&Ms and when I realized what I was holding I threw them down like the plague that they are) and candy corn Oreos (wonderful). I'm so excited for Halloween because I have a child now. A 2 month old child. That we're dressing up and taking trick or treating in a shameless attempt to get candy for ourselves. 
In other nail news, I did a Halloween skittles mani because I'm extremely indecisive and had so many ideas all at once. Sometimes it's hard to sort through them and that's when skittles happen. 
Glitter placement, dots, chevron tips (or multilayered triangle ruffian?), and some creepy stamping! Whoever came up with the term skittle nails, you're awesome. You gave my scatterbrained I-want-to-do-everything mani a legitimate name and for that I thank you. 
On my index and pinky the base is Essie Licorice, base on my middle and ring finger is Sinful Colors Secret Admirer. Orange is Julep Majorie, purple is Wet N Wild Who Is Ultra Violet and green is Wet N Wild Stand The Test Of Lime.
Can you even see the face on my pinky? I think it's supposed to be a jack o lantern face but it also doubles as a creepy, I'm going to murder your whole family face. 

And a few bonus Halloween out takes. 

Purple unicorns!

Purple Unicorns by B Squared Lacquer is most definitely made out of crushed up unicorns and or dehydrated unicorn pee. I'm fairly certain that unicorns pee sparkles. It's a thing, I know it is, I read it online. 
I don't normally like purple nail polish but this one is awesome. It's got a slight holo and what looks to me like tiny little iridescent flakies but it could also be unicorn skin, I'm not sure. 
Really though, unicorns on my nails.
Man, in hind sight I definitely should have done a unicorn stamp on these bad boys. Or bad unicorns. 
I'm going to hoard this nail polish and if anyone asks to use it (I'm looking at you Grayson), I will turn into golem and tell them it's my precious. 
Sun shot! Man my hand looks white. I went outside to take these pictures and totally forgot something to hold. So I'm holding my own hand. Anyways.

Mm purple holo unicorn skin goodness.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

If only the world was still covered in dinosaurs...

Reptar! Let me begin by saying I love the Rugrats so much that I am going to insist that it be one of Grayson's favorite tv shows. And by insist I mean force him to watch it until he admits defeat. I'm an awesome mom, don't judge me. 

Reptar by Alanna Renee is one of the biggest lemmings I've ever had. It was one of the first indie polishes that I saw and wanted so bad. I experienced indiefrustration (it's a word, look it up) for the first time. I wanted this polish so bad but it was out of stock everywhere I looked to buy it. I saw it on someone's blog sale recently and immediately scooped it up. I then did a little victory dance. Which I will use in the future to embarrass Grayson. But seriously, this polish is all I ever wanted and more. Just look. 
Hard core lobster hands here. I've included a picture for reference. 

Ugh, but really this polish is perfection in all it's forms. It's kind of a weird polish to describe, it's got what I believe to be a light green base with black, white, and green micro glitter. There's also bigger red and purple hex. This could not be a more perfect representation of Reptar. 
See? Completely accurate. With the happy arms and everything. 
I can't get over this polish. It's only my second Alanna Renee but I'm hooked, I need everything she's ever made. My birthday is November 12th...just in case anyone was wondering.

The triangle ruffian, chevron tip dotticure

I have no idea what to call this mani. Is it a chevron tip dotticure? Is it a triangle dotty ruffian? I want to plead with my nails and beg them to tell me the answer. But then I remember they're just nails and they are just as clueless as me.
I was inspired by @cassansaurus on IG. Her mani was beautiful and elegant in black and white. But I am not as refined. Not too sure I could rock such an elegant mani so I opted for neons because well, neons. Do I really need more justification? I think not. 
For this look I used China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, Orly Glowstick, and OPI My Vampire Is Buff. Aaarg neons! Quit being so difficult! All I did was love you neons! 
My lobster hands! I promise I'm not actually that sunburnt looking. 

Okay, last picture. 
Without further ado, I present to you the 'Dotty Chevron Ruffian Tips'. No? I'll keep thinking about the name...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The continuation of my textured problem...

I went through my untrieds and trieds and pulled all my textured polishes out for this little series. All 47 of them. I have 47 textured polishes!? When the heck did that happen. Seriously though, don't tell hubs, he already thinks I'm crazy. 
Some of these textures walk the line between pink/red, and red/orange so this post will be everything from pink to orange. 

The pinks
From L-R this is 2 coats of: Julie G Crushed Candy, Zoya Arabella, Sinful Colors Got A Blush On You, and Milani Spoiled In Fuschia. I really thought the Zoya and Sinful Colors would be closer. But the Zoya lacks the blueish microliter that's in the Sinful Colors. 
And now with topcoat. I really love the Julie G textures that have the bigger glitter in it, makes them different than just the normal pixie dusts. 
This is: OPI Pussy Galore (3 coats), Zoya Miranda (3), Sally Hansen Cotton Candies (2), and China Glaze Bump & Grind (2). I seriously only bought the OPI because of the name. I really don't like how this color looks on me. But I love Arabella. Let's face it, it's safe to assume I love all of the pixie dusts, Zoya is always spot on with them, so sparkly and perfect.
With topcoat. Miranda with topcoat reminds me of an Orly polish whose name is escaping me right now.

The reds
This is OPI Magazine Cover Mouse (3 coats), Sinful Colors Ruby Mine (1), Julie G Hot Cinnamon (3), and Zoya Chyna (2). Magazine Cover Mouse and Ruby Mine are basically the same color except the formula on Ruby Mine is awesome, 1 coat of perfectness. Too bad I hate red nail polish. 
With topcoat. Topcoat makes me like these all a little more but not much.

The red/oranges
These 4 were the most surprising to me in that they looked the most alike. From L-R these are: Zoya Destiny (3 coats), OPI Jinx (3), Julie G Sugar Rush (3), and Zoya Dhara (2). The first three are almost identical, on the nail I couldn't tell them apart and it's hard to tell in pictures too. They all had the same formula, all needed 3 coats for coverages. It's like they're literally the same polish but by 3 different brands. 
With topcoat. 
Okay. The last 4 in the red/pink/orange textured post. Phew. From L-R these are Zoya Beatrix (3 coats), Julie G Tangerine Dream (3), China Glaze Toe-Tally Textured (2), and Milani Tainted In Red (2). The Julie G was a little more sparkly than the Zoya which is the only thing that keeps them from being identical. I feel like the Julie G textures are all dupes for either an OPI liquid sand or Zoya pixie dust. I'm not complaining though, I love them all. 
If it's one thing I've learned in doing this post is that the textured polishes without glitter look sooo boring with topcoat. They'res nothing special about them after you add topcoat which kind of makes me sad because I really still wanted them to look awesome. 

In summation, I really love all of Zoya's Pixie Dusts. They're so sparkly with and without topcoat, and the name really does fit, it look like a pixie farted dust all over my finger nails. I love it. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I have a textured problem...

I don't know if it's just me, but I was looking at my untrieds the other day and I have a seriously obscene amount of textured polishes that I've never used. I don't know why, I love textured polishes. Maybe I just don't love them as much when I actually put them on. Or maybe I just have too many untrieds. Haha who am I kidding, there's no such thing as too much polish. 

Anyways, this is the first in a series of textured posts. Things may get a little rough. Okay, I'm done.

From left to right: Julie G Blueberry Fizz (2 coats), Zoya Liberty (2), Sinful Colors Blue Persuasion (1), and Julep Tracy (3).
Here are the same polishes with topcoat because I'm always curious as to what textured polishes look like untextured. 

Omg, Liberty looks so gorgeous shiny! Seriously though, the the Sinful Colors only took one coat for complete coverage. That was wonderful. One coaters make my heart happy. The little purpley/pink glitters in it looks so much better without topcoat. I like that it's not super sparkly like the other textures but still has glitter in it for us glitter freaks. Initially I thought that the Julie G and Julep would be more similar in color but the Julie G has the bigger light blue hexes in it and is a little lighter. I love the texture on the pixie dusts, it's not like sand paper but still looks texture-y. 

Zoya Nyx (3 coats), OPI Wharf! Wharf! Wharf! (2), Sinful Colors Treasure Chest (1), and Zoya Sunshine (1). 

Here are them all with topcoat. Again, the Sinful Colors only took one coat. I have to say, Sinful Colors waited a little longer to get on the textured train but they really did an awesome job. I love the golden shimmer in it. I am really disappointed in Zoya's Nyx, it took forever to get full coverage and the formula was kind of thick. However, Sunshine really made up for it and only took 1 coat. Wharf! Wharf! Wharf! was pretty dull with topcoat since it was just a matte (is that even the proper term for it? Glitter-less?) texture without any glitter or even a teeny hint of shimmer. 

Which is your favorite without topcoat? What about with? Personally, I loved Zoya Liberty with and without topcoat the best, it's just so sparkly!