Sunday, April 27, 2014

5 minute quickie: 10

Today for the Neverending Pile challenge is most expensive. Hands down the most expensive polish I own that's untried is Lynderella Lucky Numbers. 
I layered two coats over ELF Smoky Brown. For my accent nails I did a Saran Wrap mani with black, Zoya Bobbi, and Essie Twin Sweater Set. 
Macro of Lucky Numbers because that shimmer! 

Untrieds Used: 3

Thursday, April 24, 2014

5 minute quickie: 8

Boutique. I was unsure about what this meant until I saw a definition saying it was any more well known indie polish brands. So I chose to use Enchanted Polish March 2014
This polish has blue flakies in it too! I didn't really notice them at first but I saw them eventually haha. 
See! Flakies!
Obviously I have to show sun shots too. 
Goodness look at that. 
That holo though right? 

Untrieds used: only 1. But really I didn't want to use more, I wanted to admire the beauty that is March 2014.

5 Minute Quickie: 9

Today's theme is 'Had to have it, still haven't used it' which makes me lol! That's so many of my untrieds haha! Anyways, I chose OPI Chasing Rainbows. 
It's a pretty glitter but I don't really like it as much as I thought I would. 
So yeah, feeling pretty meh about this one. 

Untrieds Used: 1

Monday, April 21, 2014

5 minute quickie: 7

Today's theme for the Neverending Pile challenge is drugstore. 
I just chose some brands that I know I had gotten at a drugstore and went from there. 

Untrieds used: 3

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Royal Polish

Not polish related at all but Grayson is finally crawling! At 8 months and 6 days my little chub started crawling. He's so lazy though, he'll crawl just as far as he has to until he can flop down on his belly to reach whatever he wants. That's my child haha. Anyways, today I have some completely gorgeous new polishes from Violet (the creative mastermind behind Royal Polish). 

Color Blast
I seriously love white crellies, like I physically have to stop myself from buying every one I see. And I love this one! It's a densely packed glitter that is perfect in two coats. 
I see green, blue, yellow, pink, purple. Perfect! It's kind of the same style as China Glaze It's A Trapeze but way prettier and more spring like. 

Purple Passion
Purple Passion is exactly what it sounds like, a purple lovers dream polish! It's got a light lavender base with all kinds of purple glitter! Swatch shows 3 coats with topcoat and some stamping! 
Oh yeah, there's also a pretty shimmer! Try to ignore the bubbles, I need a new topcoat haha. 
Cloudy With A Chance Of Glitter
I did the first two swatches and then changed nail shape. Sorry about that! Anyways, I love the idea behind the name. One day it's just kinda cloudy and then glitter starts falling from the sky. Anways, swatch shows 2 coats with topcoat and stamping. 
The grey base is a little lighter than shown in this picture but I love it! There's pink, grey, and white hex in there! 

Broken Rainbow
I've been obsessing over triangle glitter recently so to finally get some on my fingers is a dream. New favorite shape in case any one was keeping track. Anyways this is one coat over China Glaze The Grass Is Lime Greener with topcoat and stamping. 
O goodness that triangle glitter...someone make a polish with just triangles and dots please, I'll love you forever! 
This one is so bright and colorful, I really enjoy it and want to put it over everything haha! 

Midnight Party
I couldn't really think of anything else to stamp other than a skyline, and I don't know why. But it looks cool so oh well. Plus SEQUIN GLITTER. I'm better now. This was one coat with placement of the sequins over Julep Margaret. 
Okay. This is hands down my favorite polish of the ones I've reviewed today. Maybe ever. Dare I say in the top ten faves? I love all the holo glitter, and the sequins but what I really love are those blue/green flakies! They're stunning! It's not super obvious they're flakies on the nail but it adds something gorgeous and unique to this polish. 
Plus that sequin glitter.

The Quick And Dirty: No formula issues to report other than the teensiest bit of placement for the sequin glitter. But that's not an issue since I'm used to fishing for bigger glitter. 

What's your favorite? How're you liking the new nail shape? I'm still adjusting but I enjoy it! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5 Minute Quickie: 6

The prompt for today's Neverending Challenge is indie. This one was super hard for me because I had so many untried indies. But I chose Prismatic by Lumina Lacquer. 
I'm not sure if I love this combo but I do enjoy Prismatic. This was one coat over Julep Maren. 
Seriously though, I love those triangles! 
And that bottle shot...I'm in love! I want to layer this over everything now. 

Untrieds Used: 2

5 Minute Quickie: 5

The prompt for the Neverending Pile challenge was jelly. I love jelly polishes so those don't tend to sit in my untrieds that long. But I found one. And decided to do a jelly sandwich. 
I used Wet N Wild Deception and Dollish Polish I'm Not Crazy My Mother Had Me Tested. Deception was pretty sheer, I had to use 4 coats on the bottom, the Dollish, and then another coat of Deception. And I added a matte topcoat. Because why not. 

Untrieds Used: 2

Thursday, April 10, 2014

5 Minute Quickie Part 4

So today's prompt was frost. Good god I hate a frost finish so much. I just...I just hate it so much, I can't even...I own 2 frosty polishes and I hate them all. 
I used 3 Kleancolor polishes for this look and some stuck on love nail shields by Love, Angeline Polish. As much flak as Kleancolor gets for the smelly formula the few polishes I have of theirs are one coaters which I really appreciate. This is as much frost as I can bear though. 

5 Minute Quickie: day 3

So day 3 for the Neverending Challenge is random untried. I chose Pipedream Polish's McPolish's Awesomesauce and just went from there. 
I ended up using 3 untrieds for this mani, McPolish's Awesomesauce (3 coats), Revlon Girly (4 coats), and China Glaze Shell We Dance (chevron)? 

I really enjoyed Girly, not sure why it took me so long to use it, it has holo glitters in it and everything!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kawaii Lacquer 100 Acre Woods

Today I have Kawaii Lacquers newest collection! It based on Winnie The Pooh so its titled the 100 Acre Woods collection. I love Winnie The Pooh. I will admit that readily so I'm just going to tell you right now that I love this collection with all my childhood.

Oh, Bother!

This polish is so unique! But at the same time it is so perfect for Pooh. Swatch shows 3 coats with topcoat.

There are literally so many different red glitters in here, its so complex. Most of the glitters are holo too so there's that.

I also did some really cute Pooh nail art. Which is a phrase I never thought I would type.

It's Hard To Be Brave

Piglet! I love Piglet! It's so weird to me that Piglet is a boy. This is a light pink base with tons of pink glitter in every size. Swatch shows 3 coats with topcoat.

This polish is so jam packed with pink glitter! It's become my new favorite pink polish. Like ever.

Seriously though, just look at all this glitter, there was absolutely no fishing required at all for any of the bigger glitters. SO MUCH GLITTER.


I have to admit, at first I was super confused who this polish was supposed to be. Don't make fun of me. I realized it was Tigger eventually. This is a sheer orange jelly with orange shimmer, black glitter (holo!) and pink dots. Loooove.

This is two coats over Sinful Colors Anchors Away with topcoat.

This is three coats on it's own. It's so squishy as a jelly, I love it on its own so much!

This polish is so unique! I enjoy it a lot.

It's Not Much Of A Tail

This is a glitter topper with pink, gray and black glitters, plus holo microglitter. This is one coat over NOPI How Fairy Nice Of You.

Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with the black rectangles? They're a close second to dots. And triangles.

The Quick And Dirty: I warned you, I love all of these polishes. All had excellent formula and I love the new wide brush that Jamie is switching over to! No fishing or other application problems to report. Which is your favorite? I love Oh, Bother! and It's Hard To Be Brave

These will be available Jamie's etsy shop on April 19th so don't miss out! Make sure you give her a like on facebook and on instagram to stay up to date with all the newest releases. I know she has another gorgeous collection coming out that I'll have swatches of soon!