Monday, June 23, 2014

Stuck On Love Nail Shields

I'm sure you all have noticed by now that in most of my Love, Angeline swatches I've had accent nails. All of those accent nails were made super easy by Love, Angeline's Stuck On Love Nail Shields! 
Here's a recap of all the accent nails I've done.
From top to bottom, left to right I've used: stars, X, cheetah, and X again. 
Top to bottom, L-R: tribal arrows, Aztec, zebra, and giraffe
Top to bottom, L-R: arrowhead, hearts, clouds, and triple lines.

You can also use the left over pieces as decals in your nail art.
Here I chose to use the pieces left over from the butterfly nail shield to add cute butterflies to my mani. It's so much easier and crisper than stamping! 
This is how I use the nail shields: 
1. Apply to DRY nail polish 
2. Using a makeup sponge with polish on it, dab it over the nail shield, much like you would with a gradient 
3. Take off nail shield, topcoat and enjoy!

It's been my experience that using a sponge to apply the polish instead of using the brush gives you a much more even and crisp looking result. 

The quick and dirty: I love all of the designs on Natosha's nail shields, they're adorable! They are very easy to use and make nail art a snap even if you're not artsy. If you have shorter nails you can cut the shield in half to get double the uses! 
Make sure you give Natosha a follow on Instagram (@loveangelinepolish) and check out her store to see all the nail shield designs she has available. 

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