Sunday, November 2, 2014

Luscious Potion Body Products

Today I have something a little unique to share with you all! Recently I was sent some body products from Susan of Luscious Potion to review and it's taken me a bit to work my way through them. 

First up is my favorite product, fresh strawberries emulsified sugar scrub. I love this scrub! It's hands down my favorite sugar scrub I've ever used, and the smell is just like strawberries. It leaves my hands visibly moisturized and feeling so soft. 
I had just removed some glitter polish using pure acetone so my fingers are really dry
You can see how much better my cuticles and nails look, it helps remove so much dead dry skin. 

Next up is the cuticle oil. I don't remember the scent I received because the sticker peeled off but it smells excellent! I kind of reminds me of cherry coke or something. It's on par with all of my favorite cuticle oils, it absorbs quickly and I use it multiple times a day. Definitely something I will be purchasing. 

Cranberry Chutney Soap - I've been using this soap everytime I wash my hands, it's sitting on my bathroom sink. Again this smells amazing, to me it smells exactly like the description. 

Cherry Almond Coconut Bath Bomb - this was my first experience with a bath bomb so don't mind me being amazed haha! It was so cool watching the water get all bubbly, and it felt so moisturizing, my skin was so happy. The scent was fairly light but it definitely lingered for a while afterwards.

Lavender Body Butter - I have such a love affair with body butters, I have so many! The scent on this was light and airy, it smells excellent. I've been using this on my feet and elbows at night before bed and it's made them so soft! Again another product that I would purchase. 

Last up is the double layer wax melt - I melted this one yesterday, the pink sugar half is basically everything I love in life. I'm in love with the pink sugar scent though so I may be biased haha. 

Overall, I'm in love with all of the products I was sent to review! I love handmade body products in general and Susan's were wonderful to use. 

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