Thursday, November 6, 2014

DUH Nail Polish I Heart Fall

Fall is finally here! Words can't express how happy this makes me, I can finally wear boots and sweaters! I have an awesome fall collection from DUH Nail Polish to show off today. 

Fall Is My Favorite Color
This shade of brown is just to die for! It's literally jaw dropping. It's a squishy jelly base with shimmer and a little bit of holo in there too. Swatch shows 3 coats plus topcoat. 

Sweater Weather 
Holy crap. I can't even with this purple. It's so dang beautiful! I can't. I love it! I'm wearing it on my Cinderella hand as I type this. Everytime I look at it I fall more in love. There's these awesome flakies  and scattered holo that's just...amazing. Swatch shows 2 coats plus topcoat. 
I mean LOOK! Look at it! Amazing. 

Leaves Dancing In The Breeze
Hello fall in a bottle! This is awesome! I love the glitter mix in this, it's so appropriate for the season. Love it! Swatch shows 3 coats plus topcoat. 
Okay for reals. Look at this one! 

All in all I love this collection, words can't even describe my love for it! The stunner of these three is definitely Sweater Weather, it's just so complex! Which ones are you planning on picking up? 

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