Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween skittles

Do they make Halloween skittles? I know they make candy corn M&Ms (ew. Side note: I almost bought some the other day on accident while I was trying to buy peanut butter M&Ms and when I realized what I was holding I threw them down like the plague that they are) and candy corn Oreos (wonderful). I'm so excited for Halloween because I have a child now. A 2 month old child. That we're dressing up and taking trick or treating in a shameless attempt to get candy for ourselves. 
In other nail news, I did a Halloween skittles mani because I'm extremely indecisive and had so many ideas all at once. Sometimes it's hard to sort through them and that's when skittles happen. 
Glitter placement, dots, chevron tips (or multilayered triangle ruffian?), and some creepy stamping! Whoever came up with the term skittle nails, you're awesome. You gave my scatterbrained I-want-to-do-everything mani a legitimate name and for that I thank you. 
On my index and pinky the base is Essie Licorice, base on my middle and ring finger is Sinful Colors Secret Admirer. Orange is Julep Majorie, purple is Wet N Wild Who Is Ultra Violet and green is Wet N Wild Stand The Test Of Lime.
Can you even see the face on my pinky? I think it's supposed to be a jack o lantern face but it also doubles as a creepy, I'm going to murder your whole family face. 

And a few bonus Halloween out takes. 

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