Saturday, October 26, 2013

The continuation of my textured problem...

I went through my untrieds and trieds and pulled all my textured polishes out for this little series. All 47 of them. I have 47 textured polishes!? When the heck did that happen. Seriously though, don't tell hubs, he already thinks I'm crazy. 
Some of these textures walk the line between pink/red, and red/orange so this post will be everything from pink to orange. 

The pinks
From L-R this is 2 coats of: Julie G Crushed Candy, Zoya Arabella, Sinful Colors Got A Blush On You, and Milani Spoiled In Fuschia. I really thought the Zoya and Sinful Colors would be closer. But the Zoya lacks the blueish microliter that's in the Sinful Colors. 
And now with topcoat. I really love the Julie G textures that have the bigger glitter in it, makes them different than just the normal pixie dusts. 
This is: OPI Pussy Galore (3 coats), Zoya Miranda (3), Sally Hansen Cotton Candies (2), and China Glaze Bump & Grind (2). I seriously only bought the OPI because of the name. I really don't like how this color looks on me. But I love Arabella. Let's face it, it's safe to assume I love all of the pixie dusts, Zoya is always spot on with them, so sparkly and perfect.
With topcoat. Miranda with topcoat reminds me of an Orly polish whose name is escaping me right now.

The reds
This is OPI Magazine Cover Mouse (3 coats), Sinful Colors Ruby Mine (1), Julie G Hot Cinnamon (3), and Zoya Chyna (2). Magazine Cover Mouse and Ruby Mine are basically the same color except the formula on Ruby Mine is awesome, 1 coat of perfectness. Too bad I hate red nail polish. 
With topcoat. Topcoat makes me like these all a little more but not much.

The red/oranges
These 4 were the most surprising to me in that they looked the most alike. From L-R these are: Zoya Destiny (3 coats), OPI Jinx (3), Julie G Sugar Rush (3), and Zoya Dhara (2). The first three are almost identical, on the nail I couldn't tell them apart and it's hard to tell in pictures too. They all had the same formula, all needed 3 coats for coverages. It's like they're literally the same polish but by 3 different brands. 
With topcoat. 
Okay. The last 4 in the red/pink/orange textured post. Phew. From L-R these are Zoya Beatrix (3 coats), Julie G Tangerine Dream (3), China Glaze Toe-Tally Textured (2), and Milani Tainted In Red (2). The Julie G was a little more sparkly than the Zoya which is the only thing that keeps them from being identical. I feel like the Julie G textures are all dupes for either an OPI liquid sand or Zoya pixie dust. I'm not complaining though, I love them all. 
If it's one thing I've learned in doing this post is that the textured polishes without glitter look sooo boring with topcoat. They'res nothing special about them after you add topcoat which kind of makes me sad because I really still wanted them to look awesome. 

In summation, I really love all of Zoya's Pixie Dusts. They're so sparkly with and without topcoat, and the name really does fit, it look like a pixie farted dust all over my finger nails. I love it. 

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