Sunday, October 27, 2013

If only the world was still covered in dinosaurs...

Reptar! Let me begin by saying I love the Rugrats so much that I am going to insist that it be one of Grayson's favorite tv shows. And by insist I mean force him to watch it until he admits defeat. I'm an awesome mom, don't judge me. 

Reptar by Alanna Renee is one of the biggest lemmings I've ever had. It was one of the first indie polishes that I saw and wanted so bad. I experienced indiefrustration (it's a word, look it up) for the first time. I wanted this polish so bad but it was out of stock everywhere I looked to buy it. I saw it on someone's blog sale recently and immediately scooped it up. I then did a little victory dance. Which I will use in the future to embarrass Grayson. But seriously, this polish is all I ever wanted and more. Just look. 
Hard core lobster hands here. I've included a picture for reference. 

Ugh, but really this polish is perfection in all it's forms. It's kind of a weird polish to describe, it's got what I believe to be a light green base with black, white, and green micro glitter. There's also bigger red and purple hex. This could not be a more perfect representation of Reptar. 
See? Completely accurate. With the happy arms and everything. 
I can't get over this polish. It's only my second Alanna Renee but I'm hooked, I need everything she's ever made. My birthday is November 12th...just in case anyone was wondering.

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