Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Purple unicorns!

Purple Unicorns by B Squared Lacquer is most definitely made out of crushed up unicorns and or dehydrated unicorn pee. I'm fairly certain that unicorns pee sparkles. It's a thing, I know it is, I read it online. 
I don't normally like purple nail polish but this one is awesome. It's got a slight holo and what looks to me like tiny little iridescent flakies but it could also be unicorn skin, I'm not sure. 
Really though, unicorns on my nails.
Man, in hind sight I definitely should have done a unicorn stamp on these bad boys. Or bad unicorns. 
I'm going to hoard this nail polish and if anyone asks to use it (I'm looking at you Grayson), I will turn into golem and tell them it's my precious. 
Sun shot! Man my hand looks white. I went outside to take these pictures and totally forgot something to hold. So I'm holding my own hand. Anyways.

Mm purple holo unicorn skin goodness.

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