Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stuck On Love Nail Shields

My friend Natosha over at Love, Angeline Polish sent me some nail stencils to try out. She's going to be carrying them in her shop in about a month and she has the cutest designs ever! They're called Stuck On Love nail shields, and I think that is the cutest name ever. 
Here are the two designs I was sent
And some skinny chevrons
I love the design of the first one, it's so intricate and fancy. Makes nail art super easy to do and I'm all about easy. 

Here's a mani I did using both designs
I love love love the first design as much as I thought I would, it looks vintage and very cool on the nail. The skinny chevrons are neat, I like that they're pretty small which would be awesome for people with short nails/short nail beds. 

The skinny chevrons are a touch delicate to work with because they're so skinny but as long as you use tweezers with them you're fine. For the vintage-y design my nails were small enough that I could cut it in half and get two nails out of one stencil. If you have longer nails than you obviously couldn't do that haha. 

Overall I really like these, I enjoy the different designs she has, they're not just chevrons and lines. Over on Natosha's Instagram (@loveangelinepolish) she's shown off some even more cool designs coming up, ikat chevrons, houndstooth, a honeycomb pattern and tons more. 

Again, these will be available in about a month so keep your eyes peeled! 


  1. That vintage pattern is so cool! I haven't ever seen a vinyl like that. :) I noticed that the sticker is really big -- how many do you get in a set? And did you cut the sticker/reuse it?

  2. How many come to a sheet with the vintage pattern one? She just released them and I'm really tempted to buy them but I can't tell from looking at them just how many uses I'll get from ordering one listing or whether I should order two.