Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pipe Dream Polish

Today I have a few Pipe Dream Polish polishes. April is such a sweetie, plus she makes gorgeous polishes. Before I begin I just need to say that all of these applied like butter, such an awesome formula.

Rhythm & Blues 
Goodness this one is so freaking...just no words. This was 3 coats but it was good at two. 
Mm that holo goodness. 
Okay so that macro kind of sucks but it did not want to play nice. 

Born To The Purple
This one is the purple little sister to Rhythm & Blues. 
This was 3 coats but again it was good at two. 
Purples are notoriously hard to photograph, the color is never accurate. The color of this one is inbetween the color of this macro and the swatches above, although in some lights it looked like either. You need to see this polish in person because it. Is. Glorious. 

Sapphire Attire
I saw Kristin's (@ermahgerdperlish on IG) and was obsessed, I knew I needed this and I knew I would put it over a like green. I'm dead, I LOVE this combo so much it's unbelievable. This is one coat over NOPI Sweet On Pete.
This macro is just...ugh. It's my phone background right now. My background was my son but this...I had to change it. 

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