Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jellies, jellies everywhere (Laquerlicious)

I, and I think everyone else in the world, loves a good jelly. And today I get to show you some gorgeous ones by Laquerlicious. 

Caught Red-Handed
This was 3 coats with glossy topcoat! Those that know me know that I don't really like red polish but I think this may have converted me. I enjoy this to the moon and back!
Here's a macro of that gorgeous squishy goodness. 
I also used Laquerlicious matte topcoat because everyone knows how gorgeous jellies look matte. 
Here's the matte macro. 
There's tons of holo glitter in this so it's very sparkly in person. 

These next two I had swatched when my nails were longer.

Born In The Purple
Three coats with glossy topcoat but it was opaque at two. I just wanted more glitter, always more glitter haha. Purple and blue polishes are my weakness and this was no exception, I love it so hard! 
Circle glitter that makes my heart flutter. So much circle glitter. 
I used Laquerlicious matte topcoat again (quickly becoming my new favorite matte topcoat). Matte makes the glitter pop so much!
Check out how smooth that is, I'll have to do a comparison between matte topcoats soon. I just have to say that I normally use Butter London's matte and it is very matte but I find that it chips quickly. With this one I can wear a mani for a few days and it's just as beautiful as day 1!

Lastly is In Like Flynn
Three coats with glossy topcoat. I can honestly say that in my stash this one is completely unique and I love it. 
I love love love the mix of green/pink/fuschia glitters in this! 
With Laquerlicious matte topcoat. Again, it looks stunning matte. 
There's some super sneaky flakies going on in here and I had no idea until I did the macro, but it adds so much depth to this polish. 
Again, there's tons of holo glitter in there so it's super sparkly!
Do you like them matte or glossy better?
The formula on all three of these polishes is perfect, buttery and smooth, just how jellies should be. I love every Laquerlicious polish I've used so far. The matte topcoat is wonderful, full review of that will be up in a few days! 

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