Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Battle of the base coats! Ready! Set! Fight!

Today I have a different kind of post for you guys. Felicia aka FAT Lacquers has a new base coat/top coat combo and I've got the base coat Appetzier for review. If you follow me on IG (@thejuiceboxlacquer) then you may have noticed a lack of nail posts lately and it's because I was testing this out. 

I decided to compare it to my two other most used base coats to see how it stood up, and then I also did polish over a naked nail as a control. 

Day 1: just painted. I have two coats of  each listed base coat followed by two coats of OPI It's Frosty Outside. 
Day 2: everything still intact other than my pointer finger but that is purely users error. It got smooshed when I was feeding Grayson. 
Day 3: giant chips in the yellow stopper nail but that's really no surprise, I'm actually surprised it lasted this long. By this day my thumb nail with no base coat also had some minor chips on it. 
Day 4: more chips on my middle finger but everything else still looks great. 
Day 5: again more chips but nothing anywhere else. 

Overall I am seriously impressed with this base coat, it provided excellent wear time and definitely gave the polish something to grip on to. I don't think I could have made it chip if I tried. It's worth noting that I was not particularly gentle with my hands either, I wash dishes and take care of a 6 month old! If you're looking for something to make your mani last longer before chipping definitely check out Appetizer from FAT Lacquers. 

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  1. Awesome review! ;) this is @sarcasmspasms on IG. I definitely want to check this base coat out.