Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gamer Gloss Fox Hound

There's a new indie brand in town called Gamer Gloss! I love the idea behind this brand so much. I am a card carrying nerd/geek and anyone that truly knows me knows this fact. 
So today I have their very first collection called Fox Hound. All the polishes are inspired by the villains in the first Metal Gear Solid game. A few of these had unmixed pigment and the glitter was sparse in most of them. The pigment issue will be fixed in all polishes so fear not! 

The first one I have to show you is Decoy Octopus.
This is a green sheer jelly with holo silver hex and black hex. The above picture is when warm.
When the polish is cold it is a darker, more opaque green. 
The above is in transition. All pictures show 4 coats with topcoat. This polish started out pretty sheer but built up easily and dried quickly. 
The glitter was very sparse and I had to fish for the larger silver hex but I enjoy the look of sparse glitter. 
This one had pigment bits

Next up is Psycho Mantis
This is a sheer yellow jelly with black micro hex. I seriously enjoyed this one. I actually really love yellows on me and this was no exception. Swatch is 4 coats with topcoat. 
Oh yeah, plus it glows. The glow was stronger in person my but my camera hates me. 
This one had unmixed pigment also. 
Try to ignore those two tiny pieces of fuzz. 

Vulcan Raven
This one is a sheer gray shimmery jelly. I don't have anything quite like this in my collection. Swatch shows 4 coats with topcoat.
I love the glitter mix on this one, it's so sparkly in person and the gray base is interesting, it manages to look sheer but there's no VNL. Magic. 
There's hearts in here too but I could not fish one out. 

Revolver Ocelot
This is a chocolatey brown crelly with gold micro hex. Swatch shows three coats with topcoat.
This one had unmixed pigment but it wasn't as noticeable because of the crelly base.
I like the gold hex in this one, but I wish there was more of them. 

Sniper Wolf
This is a sheer blue shimmery jelly with holo micro glitter. Swatch shows 5 coats with topcoat. While that sounds like a lot remember that I do extremely thin coats and dry time was really fast so by the time I finished painting my hand I could go back over them again.
Check out that holo glitter. 

Liquid Snake
This is an orange crelly with gold glitter shards. Swatch is 3 coats with topcoat.
This one had unmixed pigment also, but again it was not as apparent because of the crelly base.

Last is Metal Gear
This is a glitter topper that has silver holo hex and black hex. I did 2 coats over Sinful Colors Pistache. It was good at 1 coat but I was tempted to see if I could get it opaque so I tried two. 
This macro shows it with matte topcoat. 
This one is with glossy topcoat. 
Oh I enjoy this macro so much. 

Overall I like this collection. Most were on the sheer side but dried quickly so it was not an issue for me. Which is your favorite? 

Head over to @nerdysuperbree on Instagram to be the first to know when this collection launches. The projected launch date is mid-March!

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  1. Decoy Octopus is sooo my favorite. :) The name is cute too!