Saturday, January 11, 2014

L'Oreal Gold Dust

I saw peeks of these textures on someone's blog (I don't remember who!) and I fell in love with them! They were so unique and I am such a sucker for textured polishes that I knew I had to have them. When I finally found them some of them just looked so much like others I had that I had to pass on them but these are the 5 I picked up. 

This is Pop The Bubbles
This was two coats. 
It's a very pretty blue leaning green, and not only is it a sparkly texture but it has the smaller hex in it that I love in a texture.
So I'm always curious as to how textures look with topcoat. My two inner fingers have topcoat on them. It definitely deepens the color and it's so sparkly, it's a toss up, I like it both ways. 

Next is Sexy In Sequins
This one has so much going on, it's got a gold and copper shimmer with lighter purple flashes. It's almost borderline duochrome. 
This was two coats.
For this one topcoat doesn't really make me like it any better, I think it looks better as a texture. 

This is Too Dimensional?
I really wanted to love this one. I did. In the bottle it was beautiful but on the nail it was lacking. 
This one had more of a jelly base than the rest and it took 3 coats. 
I definitely like this one more with topcoat, it brings out the purple more and mutes the gold which I like. 

Next is Reign Of The Studs
I like this one, but again it felt like one that I have somewhere in my stash. 
This is two coats. 
I like this one both with and without topcoat, it's a toss up. 

Lastly, this is Hidden Gems. 
I don't remember how many coats this was, probably 2-3. 
This one also has a duochrome like quality to it, it flashes blue and purple. 
I really thought I would like this one, but the silver hex clash too much with the dark blue/black to me. I think that maybe it would be better as an accent nail or in nail art. 

Which one is your favorite? Do you like them with or without topcoat? 

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  1. These textured polishes are so pretty on their own but when you add topcoat... BOOM! I can't figure out which way I like more. ;)