Sunday, January 12, 2014

Creatures In The Club by FAT Lacquers

Okay, you can't tell me that this is not the best named collection ever (I'm totally not biased even though I helped name the polishes). They're dirty and classy at the same time. It just rocks and makes me giggle like I'm 13 again. 
So this collection is 8 polishes I believe, because of that this post will be a little picture heavy. 

Alicorn Farts is the only glitter bomb in the collection and it is so cute, it looks like candy. 
All of this glitter was placed over ELF Bubblegum Pink. I had to place the glitter because the base/glitter ratio leaned more towards the base side but I've talked to Felicia and she has fixed it. I honestly didn't mind fishing and placing the glitter because I enjoy that but apparently I'm weird. 
This is such a unique glitter combo, I love it. Even if I can only see baby octopus when I look at the skulls.

Hahaha the name on this one. It's basically the best thing I've ever done in my life.
This is a blue shimmery topper with flakies that shift blue/green and to me it looks like a little bit of gold shimmer too but I could be crazy. 
This was 1 coat over black with topcoat.

Troll Hair...Down There is the prettiest bubblegum pink with green shimmer! That obviously hid from the camera but was very visible in person. 
I actually really loved this color in the bottle but didn't like it so much on me, probably because unless a pink is neon it just looks meh on me. 
This is 3 coats with topcoat. 

Fairy Booze is the most unique purple I've ever seen, it's shimmery with flashes of gold and magic. 
This was very complex on the nail but it obviously didn't transfer in pictures.
This was 3 coats with topcoat and in my notes I wrote that it was a purple jelly with pink and blue shimmer, I guess I'll just have to trust myself on that one.
Goblin Snot! It's a pea green scattered holo that is just wonderful.
I love this color on me. So hard.
Goblin Snot in the sun!
This was two coats with topcoat. The scattered holo was more prominent before I put topcoat but I was too lazy to redo the swatch without too coat haha.
I did not expect to like this one. I normally cannot stand yellows on my skin tone. 
I was pleasantly surprised, I love this! It's a shimmery yellow with blue micro flakies and more magic. 
This was 4 coats with topcoat. 
I'm such a sucker for greens! 
This is a dark forest green with purple shimmer that is really evident in person, I promise! 
This was two coats with topcoat I believe. The goblins must've eaten my notes on this one...
Last but not least, my favorite! 3 Heads Get More Done. 
This actually worked really well with my skin, it leaned more nude on me than tan like it did in the bottle.
One of the few times I'm glad to be in CA, the sun is around all the time! 
Mm, this one was so pretty, and this was just two coats without topcoat. 

Overall this collection rocks. I love the names of the polishes and the whole collection. They work and they're funny, the perfect combination. 

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