Tuesday, May 13, 2014

FAT Lacquers Pizza Collection toppings

Today I have the toppings half of FAT Lacquers Pizza Night collection plus a custom topping! 
Let's start with my custom. Felicia is offering the ability to create your own custom glitter topper with your favorite pizza toppings! My absolutely favorite pizza is Prima (tomatoes, feta cheese, and olives) from Pizza My Heart so I asked for one with those toppings!
This one has white triangles, black hex, red circles, and tiny white squares! I layered one coat plus placement over Essie Sunday Funday.
I'll be in Monterey next weekend which means I'm definitely getting a slice of Prima! I should wear this lol.
I love this combo! The triangles make it perfect. 
Now on to the 6 toppings in the collection!
Anchovies All Over
I've never actually had anchovies on my pizza, that kind of grosses me out. Anyways, I layered one coat plus some placement and topcoat over China Glaze Neon & On & On. I really should have picked a better base color, it's so neon that it photographed super weird and freaked my camera out, but on the plus side, that holo glitter looks awesome. 
This is definitely more color accurate! 
Holo circles, triangles, and tiny pink dots. So cute! 
Slice Of Hawaii
This one is gorgeous! I love the added irridescent glitter! I layered one coat plus placement and topcoat over a black creme. 
This glitters! I can't get over the iridescent ones!

Supreme Supreme
Goodness this really looks like a pizza on my nails! This was one coat with placement and topcoat over Essie The a More The Merrier.
Sequin glitter! I'm a sucker for unique glitter shapes.

Veggies & Veggies & Veggies
This one may just be my favorite! I layered one coat over China Glaze The Grass Is Lime Greener. 
This is so packed with glitter! And a lot of it is holo glitter so it's super sparkly.

I <3 Meats!
This one is so unique, I love it! And the name, I die! I layered one coat over Sinful Colors Nirvana on my two outside fingers and 3 coats for full coverage on my two inside fingers.
I love the tiny bars as cheese! Could it be any more perfect? I think not.
I really wasn't sure if I could get full coverage but I was curious so I tried it. And I like it! So. Much. GLITTER. 

3 Cheese & Pepperoni
I enjoy this one so much even though I hate that it makes me want pizza so badly. I layered one coat over Sinful Colors Big Daddy. 
Again with the triangles. Have I mentioned how much I love triangle glitter? 
Okay really, don't mind me, I'll just be over here eating 6 blocks of cheese. 

The Quick and Dirty: I love these as much as the bases. Formula was excellent, some placement with the bigger glitters but they all came out easily. 

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