Saturday, April 19, 2014

Royal Polish

Not polish related at all but Grayson is finally crawling! At 8 months and 6 days my little chub started crawling. He's so lazy though, he'll crawl just as far as he has to until he can flop down on his belly to reach whatever he wants. That's my child haha. Anyways, today I have some completely gorgeous new polishes from Violet (the creative mastermind behind Royal Polish). 

Color Blast
I seriously love white crellies, like I physically have to stop myself from buying every one I see. And I love this one! It's a densely packed glitter that is perfect in two coats. 
I see green, blue, yellow, pink, purple. Perfect! It's kind of the same style as China Glaze It's A Trapeze but way prettier and more spring like. 

Purple Passion
Purple Passion is exactly what it sounds like, a purple lovers dream polish! It's got a light lavender base with all kinds of purple glitter! Swatch shows 3 coats with topcoat and some stamping! 
Oh yeah, there's also a pretty shimmer! Try to ignore the bubbles, I need a new topcoat haha. 
Cloudy With A Chance Of Glitter
I did the first two swatches and then changed nail shape. Sorry about that! Anyways, I love the idea behind the name. One day it's just kinda cloudy and then glitter starts falling from the sky. Anways, swatch shows 2 coats with topcoat and stamping. 
The grey base is a little lighter than shown in this picture but I love it! There's pink, grey, and white hex in there! 

Broken Rainbow
I've been obsessing over triangle glitter recently so to finally get some on my fingers is a dream. New favorite shape in case any one was keeping track. Anyways this is one coat over China Glaze The Grass Is Lime Greener with topcoat and stamping. 
O goodness that triangle glitter...someone make a polish with just triangles and dots please, I'll love you forever! 
This one is so bright and colorful, I really enjoy it and want to put it over everything haha! 

Midnight Party
I couldn't really think of anything else to stamp other than a skyline, and I don't know why. But it looks cool so oh well. Plus SEQUIN GLITTER. I'm better now. This was one coat with placement of the sequins over Julep Margaret. 
Okay. This is hands down my favorite polish of the ones I've reviewed today. Maybe ever. Dare I say in the top ten faves? I love all the holo glitter, and the sequins but what I really love are those blue/green flakies! They're stunning! It's not super obvious they're flakies on the nail but it adds something gorgeous and unique to this polish. 
Plus that sequin glitter.

The Quick And Dirty: No formula issues to report other than the teensiest bit of placement for the sequin glitter. But that's not an issue since I'm used to fishing for bigger glitter. 

What's your favorite? How're you liking the new nail shape? I'm still adjusting but I enjoy it! 

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  1. I love white crellies also! And stamping over glitter crellies ... yum. :)