Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cake Nail Lacquer

Apparently yesterday was the first day of fall but someone should really tell the California weather that. It's definitely still summer here lol. Anyways, today I have some pretty awesome cremes to show you all from a new to me indie called Cake Nail Lacquer. To avoid repeating myself I'll just say it here: all polishes took two coats with topcoat for perfect opacity, some could even be 1 coaters if you do thicker coats than me.

Persian Tea Party
This polish isn't as red as my pictures are making it seem, it's a neon so it freaked my camera out a bit but it leans slightly more orange. Perfect formula.

Happy Birthday Venus
I enjoy this shade of brown on my tremendously, I think it looks awesome! It's got a teeny tiny bit of frost going on but it's literally barely noticeable. Again, the same perfect formula as the previous color. 

Digital Garden
Hello, this shade is perfect for fall if it ever gets here! It's a gorgeous dusty purple. I can't rave enough about this formula, it was glorious. 

Over The Rhone
Okay. This blue is everything right here. It was amazing. It dried down matte so I added topcoat to make it shine. Also I didn't use basecoat and it did stain my nails so use a coat or two of basecoat and you'll be fine. Honestly I think this color is worth it, it's so rich and beautiful. Plus it didn't stain my cuticles and that bugs me a million times more than a polish staining my nails haha. 
I hope you like these polishes, I loved them all! 

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