Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another Legion Lacquer post?!

Man, the ladies at Legion Lacquer must really love me or something haha, this is the second time I've reviewed/swatched their polishes and let me tell you right now they were just as wonderful this time around. Last time I mentioned that I added a little thinner to each one because I really prefer thin polishes as I do REALLY thin coats. This time I decided to use them as is (read: I couldn't find my polish thinner) and I was surprised at the results. All three of the polishes I have to show you were easy to work with despite being on the thick side (for me). 

On a more serious note I do have something to discuss that I've already talked to both Angela and Shay (the creative geniuses behind Legion Lacquer) about. Two of the brushes out of the three polishes I recieved were...melting is how I've chosen to describe it. The brushes seemed to have bent and they were sort of spoon shaped. Now for me this is not an issue as I have loads and loads of new brushes and lids just hanging around from The Juice Box. When I told them about it they immediately expressed their remose about the situation and said they were working to find a new bottle/brush supplier. Since discussing this with them they have since closed their shop and reopened it for pre-orders while they fix the brush issue. The following is a direct quote from their Instagram.
                 "All pre-order items will be shipped at the end of the month. Unfortunately we can no longer       ship immediately. We have noticed problems with our brushes that seems to worsen over time. We assure you that the problem is being resolved as quickly as possible. From this point on we will be     using completely different square bottles and higher quality flat brushes. All orders have aready been shipped. If you purchased any polish from us and notice any issues with the brush please feel free to send us an email regarding the problem and we will work on a solution with you. Thank you for your understanding and support of Legion Lacquer, we only wish to provide the best service and products possible and apologize for any inconvience."

Now that is awesome customer service if I've ever seen it. Not only are the ladies at Legion Laquer one of the most creative in the business (in my opinion, having reviewed 8 of their polishes), but they are also excellent people to work with. 

Okay, done with the serious stuff and on to swatches! 
This is Winter Hexagon, the prettiest blue jelly I have ever seen, so sparkly!
Now, this polish loves to photograph a darker blue than it is, it's slightly more cerulean than these pictures show. But it is jaw droppingly gorgeous! Two coats with topcoat. 
The top photo is more color accurate than this one, but look at all the sparklies! It has holographic glitter in every size along with a little holo dust throughout. I have a thing for blues so that may be why I'm as passionate about this one as I am, or maybe it deserves it because it is completely magical.

This is Coal For Your Stocking, a gorgeous dark dark dark brown jelly, with copper looking sparkle throughout. 
This is 3 coats with topcoat. The sparkle hides a little bit, so it looks more elegant than outright sparkles on your nails (who cares about elegance when you can have sparkly fingertips?!) but it is still just as beautiful.
Ignore the glare, here's that shimmer I was talking about. It's not super noticeable but it is just enough to give depth and add a little interest to your nails. If I had coal in my stocking I should hope it would be this pretty.

If there's one thing I'd have to say the ladies at Legion Lacquer do better than anyone (everything!) it's their glitter bombs. They're never just plain glitter, there is always so much dimension and sparkle to them that make my jaw literally drop. This is Fascination and in true Legion Lacquer form it definitely fascinates. 
This is one coat over black. ONE. Dead. 
Seriously, check out that sparkle, holy moly and or great googly moogly are the only words. I can't even with this glitter. Just, pictures.
Oh my god stahhp. It's got purple, pink, and black holo glitter along with a pretty purpley-pink shimmer. Now over black you can't see the black glitter but you sure can see it sparkle. 

I'm not sure which is my favorite, DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE! Buuut, if I absolutely had to (no!) I literally wouldn't be able to decide between Winter Hexagon and Fascination. In my head it's like JELLIES! but then the part of my brain that has been taken over by glitter is like choose the glitter! But that voice is being drowned out by the JELLIES! So after monologuing here I think I would go with Winter Hexagon. Or Fascination. Or both?

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