Friday, October 3, 2014

Horrifying American Airlines Experience

Okay guys, you know me and you know I wouldn't post something like this unless I felt absolutely compelled to. Yesterday my husband, son, and I were flying out to Ohio for his brothers wedding. We went to the fresno airport to catch our 1:45 pm flight only to find out it's been delayed until 2:30. This puts us in Dallas too late to catch our flight to Pittsburgh. The agent at the desk told us that we had two options, fly to Dallas and they would put us in a hotel so we could catch the next flight to Pittsburg or stay in fresno and leave to Dallas tomorrow. We chose to go to Dallas on our scheduled flight since we were already there in Fresno. We get through security and settled down at our gate. Shortly after they start boarding and when we get to the door to start boarding they tell us to back up, Dallas is on flight restriction: no flights in or out. Around 3:30 we finally board and take off around 4 pm. The flight is uneventful and around 8:40 pm we make it safely to Dallas. Then we find out there's a plane at the gate we're scheduled to be at so we have to wait. We do not disembark this plane until 10:20 pm. When we finally get off the plane and a bunch of runaround over where to go to talk to someone about a hotel we find a long line about 10 people deep. When we get to the front around 11 pm we're told that there's nothing that they can do for us in terms of a hotel and the other agent shouldnt have told us that. Now you need to understand, hubs and I are on a very VERY strict budget. We had a little over $200 for the whole trip. Frustrated we leave to go find our baggage only to be told that the baggage claim at terminal C doesn't have our baggage, it's at terminal A. By the time we finally get our baggage it's now 12:20 am and we have hotel reservations at a motel 8. When we walk outside there is a line about 20 people deep waiting for taxis. At around 1:00 am we get into a shuttle with about 9 other people and are off to our hotel. Once we get to our destination the driver comes out and tells us that it's $20 PER PERSON for the shuttle. As I'm typing this I'm laying in bed in a nasty room that smells like smoke trying to sleep because I have to be up at 5 am to catch our next flight on time. Overall, I am scarred from this experice flying and extremely frustrated and upset at the service (abuse) we have suffered from American Airlines. It has made this whole trip a literal nightmare, I have cried almost nonstop, it's literally one thing after another going wrong. I honestly think that I am going to have anxiety or panic attacks after this experience because the thought of getting on to another airplane is making me shaky and extremely apprehensive. I hope you guys don't mind this post but I needed to get it all out. I'll end this with a happy note and share a picture of my son, who was a serious champ through all of this.

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  1. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that crap! My best friend had a similarly horrific experience with Delta in which they put his bags on a plane that he was no longer taking since he would have missed his connecting flight so his luggage was floating around Japan for a few days while he was in Taiwan...I'm glad the little guy was such a champ about it though, that could only have made a bad situation worse! Hopefully the rest of the trip went a little better, and I love you!