Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'm becoming a Legion Lacquer addict...

Someone help me. I think I may have a problem. I was telling someone how my favorite Legion Lacquer polishes are everything they've ever made. Don't judge me, that's an appropriate answer. 
Anyways, today I have a few polishes for the lovely ladies Angela and Shay over at Legion Lacquer.
First up is Royals, let me preface this with i have been lemming this polish forever and it did not disappoint.
I am too indecisive so I layered this over a red/pink/purple gradient. Also a lighter pink. This was 2 coats with topcoat. 
Holy moly. Look at all that glitter. Pink and gold holo everything. It is glorious, this is what polish dreams are made of.
There's tiny micro bar glitter in this and I LOVE it. I know, my past self would be so shocked.

Next is Truly Tanzanite which is the yummiest blue to ever grace my finger tips.
It's deep blue with flakies and purple shimmer and magic. This is the perfect representation of tanzanite. 
This was 2 coats with topcoat. I had to put this one on as soon as I saw it.
And here's a close up of this beauty.

Lastly I have He Loves Me...Not. This is shimmery, glittery gorgeousness in a bottle. Just look.
I layered 2 coats over a purple base. This has a strong pink and unexpected blue shimmer with loads of different shaped glitter. I love the big red holo hearts, they're adorable.
Boom, see I told you they were holo hearts.
Mmm is that blue flakies I see? 
I seriously love all 3 of these polishes. Loooove.

All of these polishes are available in Legion Lacquers shop except for He Loves Me...Not which us a part of their valentines dat trio which is available January 1st. Make sure you follow @legionlacquer on Instagram for updates and sales!

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