Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nvr Enuff Polish The Pagemaster

GUYS. I have such an amazing collection to show you today. If they weren't on my nails I would be so jealous of myself. It's the gorgeous Pagemaster collection by new indie brand Nvr Enuff Polish. I want to apologize for the awkward length and shape of my middle finger, it broke off and I refuse to go back to squares right now.
First up is Adventure
This red's so sexy! It's a red jellyish base with seriously cray amounts of golden flakies. Swatch shows 2 thin coats with topcoat.
Oh goodness those golden flakies! 

Fantasy is the purple of my dreams! It's such a soft purple plus the best looking golden flakies. Swatch shows 2 thin coats plus topcoat. 

Okay, I have such a weakness for crellies with glitter. They are the quintessential indie polish! And this blue/gray crelly is beautiful! Swatch shows 2 thin coats with topcoat. 

The Pagemaster
Let's just sit down and talk about this here polish for a second. It. Is. Stunning. It's a blue-purple duochrome with the brightest of purple flakies. Swatch shows 1 coat over black plus topcoat. 
Oh goodness that shifty! I apologize in advance for the lighting in this next picture but I had to include it because it really shows off the purple. 
LOOK. That is all. 

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hide
This polish is such an amazing -AMAZING- emerald green to purple shift! Plus there's glorious silver flakies. Swatch shows 1 thin coat over black with topcoat but I've read you can do three thin coats to reach opacity. 
The shift on this one was so hard to capture. It didn't want to play nice with my camera. 
This lighting is absolutely terrible but check out my pinky, it's so purple-y! 

The Quick and Dirty: I loved all of these polishes, formula wise they all rocked my socks off. 

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